Michael Horn is the North American Publicist for the alleged UFO Contactee, Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier. As the publicist for the case he runs the website He uses this website to publish many articles in support of the case. In August of 2008 he admitted to intentionally posting false and misleading articles in order to deceive the public about the claims of Billy Meier.

Michael has a tendency to engage in a series of logical fallacies whenever "debating" anyone who asks a critical question regarding the case. For example, Michael has said:

"My protocol is to reach out to the skeptics, a few times if necessary, challenge them and then engage in the debate. I consider no response to be admission of failure and defeat."

It is difficult to deal with someone who does not know how to think rationally. His behavior is that of a "true believer" and no amount of information demonstrating how Billy Meier could have created his evidence without the assistance of extra-terrestrials will ever change his mind.

Michael Horn also repeatedly claims to have won the Independent Investigations Group's $50,000 Paranormal Challenge. This is simply not true. The IIG Paranormal Challenge is available to any individual that can prove, in a controlled setting, that they have abilities that are outside the norm. The Challenge began in 2002 with a $5,000 award and it is currently a $50,000 award. At no time in the history of the Challenge has Michael Horn, or more specifically Billy Meier, ever submitted an application for the Challenge.

That's how long it's been since Michael Horn was formally challenged to produce testable physical evidence to prove the extraterrestrial contact claims of Billy Meier.

On March 15, 2004, the Independent Investigations Group, the Center For Inquiry-Los Angeles, and the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) challenged Michael Horn to produce some alleged extraterrestrial metal for scientific analysis. If it's found to be otherworldly, Billy Meier could be eligible to meet the IIG and JREF Paranormal Challenges -- with a combined prize total of over One Million Dollars! Michael Horn has, so far, been unwilling to produce the metal for testing.

The IIG/JREF joint press release says it all!

And read Randi's two commentaries (March 26, 2004 and April 2, 2004) giving his incisive take on the issue!

Read about how Michael Horn routinely misquotes people.
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