CLAIM:  That Meier Photographed And Filmed His "UFOs" Next To Large Scale Trees

FINDINGS:  One Of The Trees Appears To Be A Small Scale Or Model Tree

Billy Meier has photographed several different varieties of alleged space ships in various locations and environments.

Take a look at the tree in this 1975 photo.

Next, take a look at the tree in this frame grab from a 1975 movie of Meier’s.

And then take a look at the tree in this 1981 photo.

There’s something very similar about the tree in each of these images.

First, there is the same “bite” mark on the top right of the tree. Next, there is the same distinct angle on the right side of the tree. The film footage is too poor in quality to see any more details in it, but the two photos share additional characteristics including the same lower right branch, the same two bumps on the trunk, and the same dangling left branch. Maybe the extraterrestrials just happen to like this one tree. What’s the big deal with that?

Billy Meier recorded his photographs and movies throughout Switzerland. The 1975 photo was taken in Wetzikon, Switzerland and the 1981 photo was taken in Hinwil, Switzerland. No one seems to remember where the farmhouse film was taken, but it was not in Wetzikon nor was it in Hinwil.Wetzikon and Hinwil are over 4 Kilometers apart from each other and as far as we know full sized trees are not able to get up and move anywhere, let alone over 4 Kilometers to another town. And keep in mind that the film was shot in an even different location.

This is the location that the 1975 photo was taken at. As you can see, there is no tree there.

This is the location that the 1975 film was taken at.

As you can see, there is no tree here either. In fact, the owners of the farmhouse have said that there never was a tree on the property. Here is Meier’s official explanation:

When Meier, on a later contact, asked his alien contactor what happened to the tree, she told him that they had ‘changed its time.’

Meier was told by his alien contactor, Semjase, that they had removed all specific memories of this particular tree from the mind of its property owner, in a manner undetectable by him.

In my analysis of the “UFO” in the 1981 photograph I have been able to determine that the base of the “UFO” is either 15.51” wide or 18.54” wide because those are the possible sizes of the storage container lids used to create the base of the “UFO”.

The base of the “UFO” is approximately 5.75 squares wide and the tree is approximately 9 squares tall. If Meier used the 15.51” lid then the tree would be approximately 24.25” tall and if Meier used the 18.54” lid then the tree would be approximately 29” tall. This would be the height of what is commonly called a “table top Christmas tree.”

The same tree appears to have been used in these different photographs and films because the trees all share the same physical characteristics and the tree is the same size and shape even after 6 years. Also, the photos and the films were each taken in different cities, there is no evidence that a real live tree ever existed in any of these locations, and the official explanation from Meier and his followers is that the extraterrestrials erased people’s memories about the tree, but they left the photographs and films alone.



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